Speaking and Writing

I have enjoyed speaking to various groups over the years: MOPS groups, Mother’s Day Banquets and other special programs, Church services and Bible studies. If you would like me to speak at your event, please e-mail me: robynmulder@hotmail.com

“Dealing with Anger Toward Our Children”, “Anger and Depression”, and “God’s Lavish Love” are just a few of the talks I have done, but I would be happy to write a talk tailored to your group’s theme or interest. I also love to sing and can include that in my presentation as well.

In recent years I have been spending more time developing my writing muscles. They’re still a bit flabby, but I’ve seen steady improvement as I’ve spent time at a couple of great conferences:

Cedar Falls Christian Writers Workshop (http://www.cedarfallschristianwritersworkshop.org) is held in June each year in Cedar Falls, Iowa and the Breathe Christian Writers Conference (http://www.breatheconference.com) is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan every October. I’ve been attending both of these for the past few years. If you like to write, check them out!